Wedding Invitation Flashback

To give myself a sense of accomplishment and to make it easy to find my previous invitation designs, here's a rundown of my wedding invitations from the last six months.

1. Wendy and Lior's Wedding Invitation Suite, click here.

2. Aileen and Scott's Wedding Invitation Suite, click here.

3. Daniella & Josue's Invitation Suite, click here.
4. Jenny and Kenny's Invitation Suite, click here.
5. & 6. Janice & JD and Pam & Geoff's Invitation Suites, click here.

To all the couples whose wedding invitations I've worked on in the last 6 months, thanks for giving this designer so many opportunities to explore my creativity.


Table Numbers & Escort Cards: Jenny & Kenny

Jenny had fully intended on DIYing her own table number and escort cards. However, an extremely demanding work schedule put a halt to that idea. Because I had designed Jenny and Kenny's invites, she contacted me to help her by designing and assembling these items for her. Her only instructions were that she wanted to do something other than table tents and it had to have some kind of "wow" factor. Otherwise, my imagination had free reign.

I had some textured gold paper leftover from their invites. (I am guilty of constantly ordering far more materials than I actually need.) Here is a sample of the table numbers I created.

For her escort cards, Jenny had toyed with the idea of using little envelopes with each person name on it. The practicality of that was a bit daunting because she needed 155 escort cards! So, I worked with that general idea. Here's what I designed and assembled for her.
Each pochette was attached to ribbons that ran along the width of her escort card table

Close-up of Pochette

Opened with Table Assignment

Thank You Card : Paul & Kelly

Kelly contacted me after finding my blog. She and her fiance had already sent their wedding invitations. So, she couldn't hire me to create that particular item for them. Instead, she decided that she wanted custom Thank You cards. Kelly was very thorough and specific about the look they were going for.

Here some of the images and commentary she gave me for design direction.

We prefer the Japanese Zen feel of something modern and clean but also bold, wispy, romantic and soft. Although a lot of times bamboo is portrayed as big stalks with some pointy leaves, bamboo is really a grass and it has a lot of movement in the wind and is very graceful. Some images that are modern and have a soft wispy feel are also attached to give you some inspiration and ideas hopefully. Our wedding colors are lavender, sage green and some deep purple (bridesmaid dresses and rehearsal dinner invitation).

{Source Unknown}
This is labeled non-preferred bamboo. This is because it reminds me of stereotypical Chinese/Asian/Polynesian bamboo especially with the placement of the double happiness image and all. It has an exotic "oriental" feel.

After a few rounds of correction, this is the finished product.

Thank You Card with matching light green envelope

I hope that Kelly and Paul enjoy writing their thank you notes on these cards. From the sounds of things, they have quite a few to write. They ordered 180 of these bad boys!


An Introduction

For as long as I can remember, I have had an infatuation with paper. When I was kid, my mom used to bring home stacks and stacks of computer paper. This was the 80s when computer paper came in long perforated stacks. Give me a stack of paper and a new box of crayons and I was a happy camper.
This love affair with paper manifested in high school as fanciful collages made from magazine cutouts and wrapping paper and monumental stacks of black and white photos. In college, I discovered graphic design by way of an artist boyfriend. After that, I switched my major from pre-physical therapy to graphic design much to the chagrin of my parents. The learning process fueled my creativity past college. So, I continued to create things. I made cards, designed handmade books, fashioned origami, and whatever else the mood inspired. My favorite thing to do was custom stationery for friends and family. I made wedding invitations for my friend's wedding and baby announcements for another friend's baby. I did various small projects like this for years. It was something that I did "on the side". Five months ago, my day job quit me. Then, the thing that I did "on the side" became something I simply "did".

This blog is for my creative endeavors . I thought it was about time to separate my creative projects from my personal life. I can't promise that everything I post will be unbelievably incredible. However, I'll do my best to make it interesting.
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