Save the Dates: Nina & Jared

Nina had contacted me back in May to do her invitations after seeing the invitations I did for Wendy. Originally, I was only going to design her invitations only. She had contemplated DIYing her Save the Dates. Then, she had contacted another designer to do them for her. Sadly (for Nina), that designer stopped returning her emails. So, she asked me to step in. I was more than happy to jump in. She explained that she wanted to introduce her color palette with her Save the Dates. She also wanted it to be unique, but didn't want anything too over-the-top.

Here's some images she sent me for inspiration.
Snippet & Ink board #72 - Romantic Red

Snippet & Ink board #147 - Valentine

This is what I came up with.
A flat-card and custom envelope liner.

I think she was pleased with the finished product and can't wait to work on her invitations.


Business Cards: Robert

The man responsible for these culinary delights asked me about some design work.

From Wendy's Bridal Shower

From Wendy's Bridal Shower


Actually, the man responsible for the tasty treats is my husband Rob. This is definitely a case of "the cobbler's children have no shoes". He has been whining asking me to design his business cards for months. I kept shying him off because I was busy. To his credit, he knows how to motivate me. He threatened to have another graphic designer design and print his cards. I was horrified and immediately went to work.

The design process went fairly quickly. He threatened not to cook for me again until he got his cards. {Empty threats, BTW}. Rob ever the minimalist didn't want anything too fancy or too busy. I used his favorite Santoku knife as a point of inspiration. He also wanted cards that would easily fit in the pocket of his chef's coat.

Here's what I created.

Rob, now that I've done this, you'll have to wait another couple of months for any more design work;)

Birth Announcements: Tai & Ivy


As I promised on my personal blog, here is the reason for my photo shoot with little Joshua. As part of my shower gift, I offered to design Joshua's Baby Announcements. I haven't designed baby announcements in a REALLY long time and I love to do them. Essentially, there are no "rules" to baby announcements. No etiquette on what should be said or how. They are simply happy pieces of correspondence. Mom and Dad want to share their news. This gives me an opportunity to have fun.

I don't have a photo of my inspiration for this design. I based it on Joshua's nursery. Ivy had painstakingly applied an animal mural on his nursery wall. I took the animal theme from there and ran with it. Because Ivy is a clever gal, she dressed Joshua in a cute baby animals onesie. Voila! Everything coordinated beautifully. I love it when a plan comes together.

Here is the finished piece.
Exterior of the Card

A Peek at the Interior of the Card

The Inside of the Card
{Tai and Ivy have a sense of humor. They chose the photo of Joshua winking at me.}

Congratulations Tai and Ivy! I can already tell that Joshua is going to be quite a character.


Photobooth Backdrop: Carmela & George


I love to give wedding gifts that aren't on the registry. I have nothing against wedding registries. They are really great guidelines. However, when I find that there is some other gift the couple would enjoy more, I decide to go for that. I knew Carmela really wanted a photobooth at their wedding. The traditional booth that takes 4 photos was out of the question. In the last year or so, alternative booths have been gaining popularity. Many photographers have been setting up cameras on tripods with backdrops. It's a similar concept to the traditional booth. This has provided many couples wonderful wedding mementos.

POG - Knot-9

I bartered services with my friend Pamela of Pamela Masters Photography. She graciously agreed. Not one to simply rest with that, I decided to do a custom backdrop that featured the tree motif Carmela was so enamored with. I put the design on white twill fabric. To ensure it was ready for use, I ironed and starched it.


Here's some photos with the backdrop.





From the looks of things, the booth was a big hit.

Best part, Carmela keeps the backdrop and is going to make pillows with it. The backdrop will live on.


Wedding Paper Accessories: Carmela & George

Carmela and I collaborated on many of the things I created for her. She was definitely a bride with her own unique vision and tastes there are not that different from my own. During her planning process, we have become friends. I had the pleasure of attending her wedding. As with Janice and J.D., it was an awesome experience to see some of my work in their settings alongside the many projects which Carmela had worked so hard to complete.

Here are two of the projects I designed.

Vellum Cover

Title Page

Bridal Party page

Thank You Page and Back Cover

Placecard and Menu card

Menu inside of place card

POG - Knot-17
Placecard in the Tablescape

POG - Knot-18
Placecard in Place Setting


Save the Dates: Kanishka and Brian

I know, I know. I have been a horrific blogger when it comes to updating this design blog. Thankfully, it's because I've been so busy with design projects that I haven't gotten around to photographing my finished pieces. So, I'm going to do a massive game of catch-up.

When Kanishka and I started discussing her Save the Dates, she said she wanted something modern, yet romantic. She also wanted to introduce her wedding color palette. Other than that, she told me to work my magic.

To give me a better idea of her palette, she sent me this inspiration board from Snippet and Ink.

She also had this inspiration board which she created.
These photos of Leanne Marshall's runway dresses from Project Runway (P.S. Leanne was my fave from this season.)

In addition, they has some amazing engagement pictures taken by Pix of Life.

Here's what I came up with:

Custom Wrap-Around Label

Save the Date with Vellum Overlay

Interior of the Card

I hope they like it. I can't wait to design their wedding invitations. This color palette will be fun to work with.
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