Details, details

Since this is my blog, I'm going to take a moment to gush. The other reason I was excited about Wendy and Lior's wedding is that theirs is the first to prominently feature my design work. All of the wedding stationery was a collaborative effort between Wendy and myself. I did the design work and Wendy did the dirty work (read: print & assemble). However, I cannot take all the credit. Wendy did an amazing job of incorporating and executing the designs.

I designed the monogram on the front cover and created the layout for the interior. Sadly, I don't have any photos of the interior.
Wendy created the cover and interior vellum insert, and carefully assembled each program.

photo by Jordana Taylor Hazel

Table Numbers

When Wendy's original table number concept proved to be too wordy, she decided to name the tables after hers and Lior's favorite bands. To add a personal touch, I incorporated a lyric from their favorite songs by said bands and indicated the song title and album.
Wendy printed each number, added matting, and carefully add crystal accents.

Escort Cards
I provided Wendy a template to use in Microsoft Word. She then printed each name and mounted them on beautiful stardream paper.

photo by Jordana Taylor Hazel

Bar Menu

Dinner Menu

Cocktail Napkins
I designed the monogram which Wendy painstakingly gocco'ed onto napkins

Photobooth Banner

It was really fun to see my designs at a wedding other than my own. It really was fun working with Wendy even though I teased her and said I was her design slave. I hope that my future DIY clients are as easy to work with as Wendy.


  1. Holy moly, these are AMAZING!!!!!!! Anne you're such a talented designer. Wow. I love all the little details you guys paid attention to. And did you say GOCCO? I am so loco for gocco -- I want one SO BAD!

  2. You are amazing! Totally talented!! I love your work and the photo booth pics are adorable.

  3. these are beautiful!


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