Portraits: Amber


I am fortunate to have talented and creative friends. Amber is one of these friends. I "met" her a few years ago through an online message board, but didn't meet her in person until last year. We bonded over our love of architecture, aesthetics and modern design. We are self-proclaimed "DesigNerds" and can spend hours discussing the aforementioned topics. It is refreshing to be able to discuss art and design on an intellectual level. I hate to admit it, but I'm really hard-pressed to find that kind of conversation here in L.A. Did I mention Amber is wickedly sarcastic? {Extra points!}

During one of our most recent gabfests, I mentioned to Amber that I was looking to take my photography seriously. Pamela and I were looking for models to photograph for portfolio purposes. More specifically, we were looking for boudoir models. Before I could finish my sentence, Amber volunteered to model. She is in the midst of a major life change and is moving to Italy. She thought that a photo session would be a great way to celebrate her impending move.


A couple of days before the session, Pamela, Amber, and I meet up at the Grove to collaborate on some ideas for this photo session. After seeing photos on Facebook, we decided to do the entire photo session in Amber's Hollywood apartment. After a brief conversation, we found our ideas were very similar. As luck would have it, we all have similar, wicked senses of humor.

photo from Amber's Facebook Profile

photo from Amber's Facebook Profile

When Pamela and I arrived at Amber's apartment with props in tow, we were not disappointed. Her apartment has the most beautiful natural light. We quickly went to work and started set dressing. The three of us had carefully planned the props necessary for the session. With three locations and three outfit changes, it turned into a 5 hour session. We did take breaks to laugh our heads off and have an adult beverage or 2 (or 5 in Amber's case).


Amber was a great model to work with. She is a beautiful woman and knows exactly how to emote for the camera. Without further delay, here are my photographs from this session.

The Naughty Baker




A Starlet in Her Bedroom










A Rooftop Chorus Line



The 'Stache
Pamela had to break the bottle of Spirit Glue with a step ladder. Amber was a good sport. She actually scooped some off of the floor to adhere her mustache. I thank them both. Otherwise, I would never have gotten this shot.



  1. So beautiful and so creative. I don't know her, but you've clearly captured the essence of her beauty, brains, sarcasm and sense of humor. I especially like the triptych, it's so playful. The one of Pamela laughing is priceless too, I can only imagine what was being discussed at that moment. :)

  2. To say that you captured the essence of the day would be an understatement. I've never laughed so hard I couldn't hold my camera...until that day.

    Thanks again for introducing me to Amber, a love for mustaches that deep is a hard thing to find. I adore her, and I still laugh when I think about this session!

  3. Anne, I'm so impressed! You truly have a gift, and it looks like you're having fun doing what you love, which is so rare. I hope you find continued success with your photography :)


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