Save the Dates: Jen & Kipp

I photographed Jen and Kipp with a specific intention. Aside from photographing them with their dog Jager, they had asked me to design their Save the Dates. They weren't sure of what they wanted except that they wanted to include a calendar and a magnet.

This is the only image they sent me for inspiration.
{Magnet Street Weddings}

This was fun project to work on because it was the first time I worked on the photography and design. Typically, I receive hires images from a couple's wedding photographer. I'm definitely NOT going to photograph their wedding, but I did appreciate having some level of creative input on the styling of the photographs.
untitled event-1
Card with Magnet attached shown with Custom wraparound address label

This wedding is long-awaited. Jen and Kip have been together for 15 years. I applaud their commitment. Originally they wanted their card to say "finally!". However, I suggested the phrase "At Last" as a nod to the Etta James song of the same name.

untitled event-2
Card with Magnet removed.

untitled event-0
Back of Wrap Around label

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