My Home Office

I thought I'd share a peek into my office. I use the term "office" very loosely. Rob and I live in a very small rented cottage. This means that my "office" has been relegated to a 48" x 24" section of our living room. Despite the limited space, I did get a window for my office. The view isn't fabulous {I see directly into our neighbor's trashy yard}, but the light is fabulous.

Here is a photo of my desk. If you click on the photo, you can view it in Flickr. In Flickr, you can see some of the notes I've added.

I am a Mac addict. I've had a Mac for the last 14 years. {gasp! That makes me sound really old.} I do the majority of design work on the iMac. The Macbook is more for when I or Rob goes out of town. After my last couple of trips, I've started to feel naked without a computer. Neither of these computers are what one would call Design Supercomputers. The iMac is a refurbished model that I bought directly from Apple. The Macbook I bought used from another designer. Both computers are running Adobe Creative Suite 2. I do the majority of my work of my work in Illustrator and InDesign. Yes, I am aware that there is an Adobe Creative Suite 4. CS2 works well for my purposes. If the Adobe fairy would like to gift me a copy of CS4, I would happily accept.

Here is a full view of my "office". Again, if you click on the photo, you can view it in Flickr. In Flickr, you can see some of the notes I've added.

We couldn't find a desk that would fit in the space. So, Rob built one for me. I love that all of my equipment is easily accessible. We plan to paint the black shelf to silver to match the legs of the desk. I love my inkjet printer and my Craft Robo cutter. My color laser printer? I would love to upgrade it. For now, I have a plain barstool to sit on. I'm in the market for a new drafting chair. There it is.... my office in a nutshell... Or should I say shoebox?


  1. Love getting an inside view. After looking around at lots of crafters blogs, It's amazing to see that so many do lots in such small places. But the organization is amazing!!!

  2. Our work spaces are so close to being identical, down to the double mac setup and dual printers!

  3. thanks for sharing anne! very organized space. :-)


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