Birth Announcements: Lior & Wendy

Envelopes with Custom Labels

I waited to post this project a because of few of Lior & Wendy's friends read this blog. I'm hoping the new parents have put these in the mail. (I waited a week to blog them!) I didn't want to ruin the surprise. As I mentioned on my personal blog, I did two photo sessions with little Benjamin in order to get just the right photo for his birth announcement.

These announcements were my baby shower gift for Wendy. I am a big proponent of giving gifts that aren't on the Baby Registry. I figure someone else will buy the Diaper Genie or the Breast Pump or give the gift cards. If it's someone I care about, I prefer giving gifts that are more personal.

Wendy had a few parameters for my design. She did not want the typical "blue is for boys" announcements. She also said they wanted something gender neutral, modern, yet cute. I found these adorable little love birds when I was working on Save the Dates. My client eventually chose a different design, but I had hoped to eventually use them in some other project. Somehow, I thought they were perfect for these announcements. I added a third "baby" bird and the design was complete.

Here's what I created:

Announcement - closed

Announcement - partially open

Announcement- fully open

Congratulations to Lior & Wendy! I'm certain Benjamin is the luckiest kid on the block to have parents as loving as the two of you.


  1. ADORABLE! I know who I'm coming to when its our time to announce our baby...although it may be quite a while.

  2. kudos for creating the baby bird! you're so smert ;)


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