Photobooth Backdrop: Carmela & George


I love to give wedding gifts that aren't on the registry. I have nothing against wedding registries. They are really great guidelines. However, when I find that there is some other gift the couple would enjoy more, I decide to go for that. I knew Carmela really wanted a photobooth at their wedding. The traditional booth that takes 4 photos was out of the question. In the last year or so, alternative booths have been gaining popularity. Many photographers have been setting up cameras on tripods with backdrops. It's a similar concept to the traditional booth. This has provided many couples wonderful wedding mementos.

POG - Knot-9

I bartered services with my friend Pamela of Pamela Masters Photography. She graciously agreed. Not one to simply rest with that, I decided to do a custom backdrop that featured the tree motif Carmela was so enamored with. I put the design on white twill fabric. To ensure it was ready for use, I ironed and starched it.


Here's some photos with the backdrop.





From the looks of things, the booth was a big hit.

Best part, Carmela keeps the backdrop and is going to make pillows with it. The backdrop will live on.


  1. I absolutely love the backdrop and it matched all her decor as well.

  2. oh man, that's awesome. can i steal your idea? we do photobooths at weddings too and that would be a sweet surprise for our clients.


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