Business Cards: Robert

The man responsible for these culinary delights asked me about some design work.

From Wendy's Bridal Shower

From Wendy's Bridal Shower


Actually, the man responsible for the tasty treats is my husband Rob. This is definitely a case of "the cobbler's children have no shoes". He has been whining asking me to design his business cards for months. I kept shying him off because I was busy. To his credit, he knows how to motivate me. He threatened to have another graphic designer design and print his cards. I was horrified and immediately went to work.

The design process went fairly quickly. He threatened not to cook for me again until he got his cards. {Empty threats, BTW}. Rob ever the minimalist didn't want anything too fancy or too busy. I used his favorite Santoku knife as a point of inspiration. He also wanted cards that would easily fit in the pocket of his chef's coat.

Here's what I created.

Rob, now that I've done this, you'll have to wait another couple of months for any more design work;)


  1. Not a design question, but the plate of delicousness in the photo second from the top...what is in that?

  2. The plate that is 2nd from the top is grilled Halomi Cheese with pan rustica.


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