Birth Announcements: Tai & Ivy


As I promised on my personal blog, here is the reason for my photo shoot with little Joshua. As part of my shower gift, I offered to design Joshua's Baby Announcements. I haven't designed baby announcements in a REALLY long time and I love to do them. Essentially, there are no "rules" to baby announcements. No etiquette on what should be said or how. They are simply happy pieces of correspondence. Mom and Dad want to share their news. This gives me an opportunity to have fun.

I don't have a photo of my inspiration for this design. I based it on Joshua's nursery. Ivy had painstakingly applied an animal mural on his nursery wall. I took the animal theme from there and ran with it. Because Ivy is a clever gal, she dressed Joshua in a cute baby animals onesie. Voila! Everything coordinated beautifully. I love it when a plan comes together.

Here is the finished piece.
Exterior of the Card

A Peek at the Interior of the Card

The Inside of the Card
{Tai and Ivy have a sense of humor. They chose the photo of Joshua winking at me.}

Congratulations Tai and Ivy! I can already tell that Joshua is going to be quite a character.


  1. The announcements are too cute. The lil guy is so adorable.

  2. Too cute! I loved all the photos and I especially love that they picked this one.


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